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Bars and Nightclubs in Abu Dhabi

Bars and Nightclubs in Abu Dhabi cater to different age groups and musical preferences. Bars and nightclubs are diverse - the clubs can be western-style or Arabic venues giving a traditional experience. The nightclubs in Abu Dhabi also feature Middle Eastern bands and belly dancers.

Bars in Abu Dhabi

Bars and Nightclubs in Abu DhabiAccording to the history of Abu Dhabi, this emirate traces its origins to the Bani Yas tribes that settled here in the 18th century, and also took over the reigns of Dubai. However, in the 19th century, Dubai and Abu Dhabi separated ways as two different emirates.If we trace the history of Abu Dhabi, we will see for ages, camel herding, vegetation and pearl diving were the mainstays of Abu Dhabi's economy. Eventually, oil and petroleum exploration went on to become the biggest driving force of the economy of the UAE.

Nightclubs in Abu Dhabi

When you on Tour to Abu Dhabi, you'll be mesmerized by the splendid amalgam of natural beauty and architectural brilliance that this city showcases. The most popular Abu Dhabi attractions are the Corniche, Al Hosn Palace, Grand Mosque and the Iranian Souk.Not just structures, Abu Dhabi is also known for its culture, art forms, food, music and dance. The Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation regularly hosts numerous cultural events to keep locals and tourists entertained.

Abu Dhabi Bars and Nightclubs

Al Ain and Liwa are the biggest tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi. Island oases known for their natural magnificence and water sport adventures, these places are must-visits when you travel to Abu Dhabi. Tourists have a wide assortment to choose from, as far as Abu Dhabi hotels are concerned. Known for their matchless service and endearing hospitality, these hotels are available in various price ranges and locations.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is the main entry/exit point into this emirate, and hosts a huge number of tourists throughout the year. Visitors from the region usually opt to use the Al Ain International Airport, located in Al Ain town. All major airlines are operational in Abu Dhabi, with Etihad Airways being the national carrier.

Bars and Nightclubs in Abu Dhabi

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