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Festivals in Abu Dhabi

Festivals in Abu Dhabi are celebrated with zest and fervor by locals and tourists alike. Islam is the predominating religion in Abu Dhabi, and hence almost all religious festivals are held in accordance with the Islamic lunar calendar. However, the general festivals of Abu Dhabi are held on fixed times throughout the year.

Festivals of Abu Dhabi

Festivals in Abu DhabiThe culture of Abu Dhabi is an amalgamation of numerous multi-ethnic communities that have been settled here for ages. The city is cooperative and tolerant of other world cultures. Thus, apart from the Arabian community, the other existing races also celebrate their traditional festivals in Abu Dhabi. Ramadan is the most widely celebrated festival in Abu Dhabi and the whole of Muslim world. In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are expected to refrain from eating, smoking and drinking from dawn to dusk. In the evening, people can break the fast after prayers. The timing of Ramadan depends on the sighting of moon.

Abu Dhabi Festivals

Eid-ul-Fitr is undoubtedly the most popular Islamic festival. Commemorating the end of fasting month of Ramadan, this festival is a period of feasting and celebrations. The streets, marketplaces, buildings and homes are beautifully lit and splendidly decorated during this festival in Abu Dhabi. Tourists are often beguiled by the beauty of this city during the time of Eid.

Mouloud is the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. On this day, Muslim households organize feasts and open their homes to guests. Accession Day marks the day of accession of the independent ruler of Abu Dhabi. On this day, people participate in numerous cultural events and exhibitions in Abu Dhabi. Fireworks and feasting are also features of this festival of Abu Dhabi.

National Day Festival is celebrated to commemorate the day of foundation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sports events, cultural performances and trade shows are preeminent features of the National Day festival in Abu Dhabi.

Culture of Abu Dhabi

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