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Sports in Abu Dhabi

Playing Golf in Abu Dhabi is a unique experience. The city has more than a dozen golf courses and five additional courses are open to visitors. Golf courses either have lush fairways, which are exquisitely manicured or are made of sand or can be a mixture of both.

Abu Dhabi Sports

Sports in Abu DhabiSports play a vital role in the lives of people in Abu Dhabi. The love for sports in Abu Dhabi is seen in people's fondness of outdoor activities.A tourist has the option to be a spectator or take part in the sports in Abu Dhabi. Tourists are free to indulge in their favorite sport in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi offers the finest sport and leisure facilities in the Middle East.

Sport of Abu Dhabi

Water sports in Abu Dhabi are major tourist attractions, as they provide a much-needed break from Abu Dhabi's scorching sun. Waters of the Arabian Gulf are crystal clear and Abu Dhabi is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts. Sailing is also another famous sport of Abu Dhabi, which gives relief from the extreme hot conditions prevalent here.

Adventure Sports in Abu Dhabi are favorites amongst people who enjoy thrill and excitement. Adventure sports are entertaining and safe because of well-developed sporting facilities.Traditional sports in Abu Dhabi include camel racing and horse racing. These sports attract everyone from the royals to locals and tourists.

Football in Abu Dhabi has a large fan following, since it is the national sport of the country. Rugby receives immense support from the government as well as private organizations in terms of sponsorship. Cricket in Abu Dhabi is still growing - the city has over 20 cricket teams, which shows the increasing popularity of cricket here. Abu Dhabi has sporting activities and recreational facilities in profusion. Tourists on Abu Dhabi tours should definitely indulge into sports during their stay here.

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide