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Camel Racing in Abu Dhabi

Camel Racing in Abu Dhabi is an integral part of Sports in Abu Dhabi and it also reflects the unique culture of Abu Dhabi. Camel Racing in Abu Dhabi is a traditional sport that attracts everyone from members of the royal family to local and foreign visitors.

Abu Dhabi Camel Racing

HotelCamel Racing in Abu Dhabi is held during the winter season on Thursdays and Friday mornings, at specially designed racetracks. The winner of the race is given huge amount of money therefore camel racing in Abu Dhabi is incredibly competitive and exciting.

The atmosphere at the racetracks is electric, tourists on Abu Dhabi tours must go for camel racing in Abu Dhabi, visitors can see the jockeys mounting on their camels as they race over the sand dunes while the owners drive their vehicles beside the camel and the jockey.

Most prominent racetracks are Al Wathba Racetrack, which hosts camel festival along with camel racing. Al Ain Racetrack is another popular racetrack that is situated approximately 25km from famous tourist destination Al Ain. Admission to these racecourses is free of cost.

Camel racing is a key element of Abu Dhabi's social life. Camel Racing in Abu Dhabi attracts many tourists, which promotes tourism in Abu Dhabi. Camel race gives tourists an opportunity to view a spectacle that is both ancient and unique.

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