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Dhow Cruising in Abu Dhabi

Tourists on Abu Dhabi tours get various options of things to do in Abu Dhabi. Tourists are not restricted to dry land alone they can opt for Dhow Cruising in Abu Dhabi. Visitors are given choice to go on the water.

Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruising

Dhow Cruising in Abu DhabiTraditional Dhow Cruising in Abu Dhabi is the most popular activity in the city. A dhow was originally a traditional wooden sailing boat used by merchants many centuries ago. Today modern dhow have latest facilities such as satellite navigation and bathrooms.

Dhow Cruising Abu Dhabi

The most popular destination for Dhow Cruising in Abu Dhabi is Corniche, Abu Dhabi. Tourist can visit the islands situated off the coast. Sailing days can be arranged according to the choice of the guest. Many hotels arrange dhow cruising for their guests.

Dhow Cruising in Abu Dhabi often includes fine meals and friendly and hospitable atmosphere. The best time for going on a cruise is during noontime, while looking at the skyscrapers that towered alongside the bank of the creek as Dhow leisurely sails from its port. Tourists can opt for a dinner cruise too, dinner cruise guarantees the luxurious dining in a wooden dhow.

Watching the sun set over the shimmering water is a unique experience to remember. You must not visit a chance to go Dhow Cruising in Abu Dhabi. Dhow Cruising in Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly the activity that attracts a lot of people to Abu Dhabi, which directly helps in promoting tourism in Abu Dhabi.

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