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Ice Skating in Abu Dhabi

You must try Ice Skating in Abu Dhabi if you are on Abu Dhabi tours. Ice Skating means moving on ice with skates that are moulded on special shoes. Ice Skating in Abu Dhabi is a unique experience; tourists must add Ice Skating in their list of things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Ice Skating

Ice Skating in Abu DhabiIce Skating in earlier days was possible only on frozen water bodies such as rivers and lakes. But now non-natural indoor and outdoor skating rinks with artificial cooling are being created, after looking at the popularity of Ice Skating in Abu Dhabi. Surprisingly Abu Dhabi, famous for its scorching heat, has an ice rink right in the heart of the desert.

Ice Skating Abu Dhabi

Ice Skating in Abu Dhabi is a tough, be and requires training. Many ice rinks also give training to beginners. Special teachers are hired for teaching ice-skating this training lasts for few hours after which you are free to experience Ice Skating in Abu Dhabi yourself. The cost of learning ice-skating is in the range of Dhs 5to Dhs25 per session.

Abu Dhabi has many ice skating rinks the most popular are the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink and ice-skating rink at the Al Ain Mall, Abu Dhabi. Tourists on Tours to Dubai must make an effort to do Ice Skating in Abu Dhabi. Opening hours of ice rinks may vary according to the ongoing season and activities so check before you go to avoid disappointment. Remember to carry a sweater while going for Ice Skating in Abu Dhabi.

In a country where sun always shines Ice-skating in Abu Dhabi can be most different activity for tourists.

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