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Abu Dhabi Travel

For the most mesmerizing and adventurous sojourn of your life, travel to Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. The largest of seven emirates that comprise the UAE, Abu Dhabi is progressive, sleek and riveting. Not as ultramodern as neighboring Dubai, this city is more steeped into Arabic traditions.

Travel To Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi TravelAbu Dhabi travel is quite easy and comfortable. This city is easily accessible from all major regions of the globe. The Abu Dhabi International Airport is its main air link to the outside world. Tourists on Abu Dhabi Holidays from the Middle Eastern region often prefer to use the modest Al Ain International Airport as it is usually not over-crowded.

Abu Dhabi Travel Infomation

Whatever city you are coming from, Middle East Hub offers you online bookings for Flights to Abu Dhabi. Make your travel to Abu Dhabi convenient and hassle-free by booking your flight in advance. Etihad Airways, national airlines of the UAE, operates several flights to and from Abu Dhabi, connecting the capital to all major world cities.Pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf daily host numerous cruises that are mainly used by regional tourists for traveling to Abu Dhabi. Several regions in the UAE are well-connected with Abu Dhabi by road as well.

Once in the city, it is not very difficult to get around different places. Local transportation in Abu Dhabi is efficient, with private and government-owned buses and taxis plying all through the day. However, traffic snarls is a big problem in this city. When you travel in Abu Dhabi, make sure not to offend religious sensibilities. Do not drink and drive; if found in an inebriated state while driving, you might face heavy fines. Women should be modestly dressed, especially when visiting sacred places.

For entry into Abu Dhabi, all visitors should have a UAE Visa and requisite documents in possession. You can apply for the visa at your nearest UAE Embassy.

Abu Dhabi Travel

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide