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Motexha Textile Show Dubai

The largest exhibition of garments, textiles, leather and fashion accessories in the Middle East, the Motexha Textile Show of Dubai is a great interactive platform between the region's prominent sellers and buyers.

Dubai's People

Motexha Textile ShowFrom the year 1977, Motexha Textile Show has been one of the prime events and exhibitions in Dubai. Bringing together trade delegations, international exhibitors, retailers, dealers, distributors and buyers from various parts of the globe, Motexha Textile Show has undoubtedly bolstered trade and tourism in Dubai.

Catering to the local and regional markets, Motexha Textile Show provides the right opportunity to sell products and also make numerous new customers cost effectively. In fact, many topnotch corporate firms are known to strike lucrative business deals during the Motexha Textile Show, Dubai.

For customers, it is a great time for shopping in Dubai. The quality and pricing of products are non-issues here. Motexha Textile Show, Dubai creates a perfect environment for buyers.

In the year , Motexha Textile Show was declared as a runaway success with more than 250 companies participating in this exhibition. The show also witnessed a 30 per cent increase in visitors' attendance.


Motexha Textile Show 2007 is to be held from 19-22 March at the Dubai International Exhibition Center (DIEC), a state-of-the-art exhibition and convention venue in the business hub of the city.

If you happen to be on a tour of Dubai during this period, do take out time for a sneak peak into the Motexha Textile Show - an extensive platform for the trading fraternity. You'll be amazed by the variety and reasonability of products available here.

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