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History of Qatar

Having been an extremely busy trade route connecting the Indus Valley with Mesopotamia, Qatar's history has been both tumultuous and glorious. The Persians have dominated this emirate for times immemorial. The peninsular land mass of Qatar have enticed farmers and villagers who came here in search of work and eventually settled down. These villagers primarily belonged to the Al Khalifa and Al Saud clans.

Qatar History

History of QatarDuring the middle of 19th century, the British Empire set its sights on Qatar as the intermediary vantage point on their route to India. During this time, the Al Khalifa clan was reigning supreme in northern Qatar.The history of Qatar witnessed clashes between Bahraini rebels and local rulers, which led to the interruption of British administration. Bahrain was eventually censured for breach of agreement and numerous negotiations were carried out.

The history of Qatar transformed completely when these negotiations resulted in a sense of political selfhood for the country. It gained official status as a British Protectorate only by 1916.In 1935, a Qatari company received a 75-year oil concession. Oil was eventually discovered at Dukhan in 1940 and oil exports began in 1949, the nine-year delay caused due to World War II.

During the 1950s, there was surmounted pressure on the British rule to withdraw from the Gulf. In the late 1960s, Qatar joined Bahrain and seven other emirates to form a federation. However, due to regional disputes, Qatar declared independence from this coalition, and in the year 1971, emerged as an independent state.

Qatar's history has been governed by various powerful men. Since the year 1995, Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani has ruled the country and has taken it to discernible heights. The country is now moving towards democracy and is all set to be one of the more progressive and modern states in the region.

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