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Culture of Saudi Arabia

Culture of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its diverse and vibrant cultural heritage. You can feel the essence of culture of Saudi Arabia in the architecture of the region. The mosques and local attractions showcase the beautiful culture of the Middle East.

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Clothes in Saudi Arabia

The clothes that are commonly in Saudi Arabia display the rich culture of Saudi Arabia. The men in this region wear thobe (white gown), ghutra (white headdress), and bisht (black overcoat). Women Clothes in Saudi Arabia are the traditional burkhas, and cover their heads and bodies.

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Intermingling in Saudi Arabia

Culture of Saudi Arabia does not allow intermingling of opposite sexes in public areas. Men are not supposed to talk to women, unless they are married or are close relatives.

Occasions like Saudi weddings reflect the prevailing culture in Saudi Arabia which helps us understanding it in a better way. At these important occasions, one can witness the traditional music and dances of the Islam. Also, you get to hear many folk stories during the ceremonies.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state that caters to the Sunni branch of Islamists and prohibits the freedom to worship other religions. The law requires all citizens to be Muslims. The Saudi government prohibits public practice or worship of non-Islamic religions.

Many Arabic and Islamic traditions incarnate and popularize Islamic teachings and customs. Saudis learn about the local culture from an early age in their families.

Saudi Arabia has become a cosmopolitan city over the years, but people have not lost their values and traditions. Their customs and hospitality showcase their deep love for the culture of Saudi Arabia.

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