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Geography of Saudi Arabia

The geography of Saudi Arabia states that the is surrounded by seven countries and three bodies of water a country, which borders Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, north of Yemen.. The kingdom occupies almost 80 % of the Arabian Peninsula.

According to Saudi government the area of country is 2,217,949 square kilometers. The geography of Saudi Arabia shows that towards the north, Saudi Arabia is bounders Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait. The northern boundary extends almost 1,400 kilometers from the Gulf of Aqaba to Ras al Khafji.

Only 1 % of the area is suitable for agriculture due infertile land along with scarcity of water. The absence of permanent water bodies like rainfall, groundwater, desalinated seawater, and very scarce surface water must supply the country's needs.

The Saudi Arabia government, and the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) over the past few years have made several efforts to exploit underground water resources. Around 90% of the water is consumed in agricultural activities.

The climate of the region varies from place to place basically Saudi Arabia has a desert like climate. You can feel the scorching sun burning the land during the daytime but at night the temperature drop abruptly. The region also features erratic rainfall.

But along the coastal regions temperatures rarely climbs above 38 C, but the relative humidity is which ranges between 85 % and 100 % for extended periods makes the environment sticky and uncomfortable for visitors at times. The costal region also features a unique combination of hot mist during the day and a warm fog at night.

Over the past years many oil spills have harmed the country's natural resources. Detoxification to some extend has lessened the damage. But the main cause of concern is lack of fresh water in the region to which no concrete solution has been found.

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